Student Service

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Education is a very broad term and goes beyond training of one’s mind for acquiring textual knowledge. It is associated with other activities to see multi-dimensional development of overall personality of a man. The college provides opportunity to our students through many co-curricular and other activities that help them to develop into a sound body and mind. Keeping this in view we have societies like Science Society, Social Science Society, Red Ribbon Club, Eco Club and so on and so forth. Students are encouraged to join these societies as per their interest. Career Guidance Committee is also constituted in this regard. Students can approach the committee for further assistance.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The college has one NSS unit. Enrolment in NSS is done in the beginning of the session in the month of July. Students must apply as and when notified through notice board for participation in NSS activities. Interested students may contact NSS Programme officer for enrolment.

Programme Officer:Prof. Sat Paul

College Cultural Function

Preservation of cultural heritage gives strength to the society. The students of the college come from rural background where the culture of the country is still preserved by the society. College is providing every facility to the students to participate in cultural activities through CSCA. Students participation in cultural activities are considerably high.

Red Ribbon Club

Incharge: Prof. Sat Paul

Eco Club

Incharge: Prof. Susheel Tomar and Prof. Sat Paul


Despite its meagre resources, the college is always providing all facilities to encourage sports activities in college.


Library is called the backbone of educational institution. The college administration has decided to establish college library and Book Bank from current session to fulfil the needs of students.