Dr. Jagdish Chauhan

Officiating Principal  

Govt. Degree College Bharali

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Principal’s Message Regarding upcoming Exams

I want to extend my Heartiest best wishes to our students for their grand success in exams.

The exams are not merely the test of learning of their subject but they also tell a lot about your self management skill, and your physical mental intellectual prowess and strength and truly test of your activeness intelligence and smartness ,

A really wise students is one who understands and alive to the sensitivity of the time and and works according to a definite plan to maximize his results from the available resources and apply his heart body mind and soul by maintaining highest level of focus which shall be the most crucial critical element in your journey for attainment of success in your aims objectives and goals

Be like a sailor who set his sail at the right time to catch his treasure of valuables and a farmer who does agriculture operations at the right time to get maximum crop and a iron may be given the desired shape only by striking when when hot .

Exams are such time when when students have got to be most active and proactive for the challenges to get the results they want .

Do not miss this crucial times by acting in childish manner

Your parents teachers society and nations have got high hopes on hopes and do not dash their hopes , your success is the best way to them their debt of gratitude by coming to their expectations

May God be with you


Principal’s Message

I extend heartiest welcome to you all for choosing GDC Bharali to fulfill your dreams of higher education and becoming one of the enlightened and useful citizens of the country. We offer you an opportunity to dedicate yourself to the development of the nation. We teach and prepare the students to the level from where they can rise to any level.

Dear students,As you know this is new-born institution and is on the path of progress. Through this institution, government has sent an opportunity of progress at your doorstep.  The college aims to provide you the best facilities to help you to participate in a variety of activities including academic, culture and sports. Adjoined by the magnificent Doon Valley, overlooking lush green forests, nestled in the beautiful hills from all sides in the cool, calm and serene environs, the new college building is a beautiful place in itself that you will enjoy.

The college has a well-qualified and dedicated faculty creating progressive environment which is conducive for learning. I am aware that college is passing through difficult times, but we can overcome all the odds by joining hands with each other and can achieve our goal.

With this vision of progress through positivity and mission of achievements through harmony, I join hands with all the staff and students to take the institution towards a better tomorrow.

Dr. Jagdish Chauhan