Discipline and Conduct

The students shall have to stay in the campus with utmost discipline and conduct. It is implied that the students taking admission in the college shall ensure a god discipline and moral conduct failing which the students shall be dealt with the rules and regulations of the college. The students will come to the college and leave it according to the timetable.

Important: Playing songs/music on mobile phones in the campus is strictly prohibited and any violation of this instruction will be considered an act of indiscipline. Their mobile may be confiscated or heavy fine may be imposed.

Identity Card

Identity Card is an important document a student must carry every day. In case of loss of Card, an application to the Principal along with payment of Rs. 20/- duplicate I-Card will be issued. I-Card should be collected from the office as per schedule notified on the notice board.

Do’s and Don’ts

Be regular in attending classes. Don’t loiter aimlessly.
Keep the campus clean. Don’t play games the campus.
Make proper use of dustbins. Don’t talk outside classrooms.
Show respect to the faculty. Don’t deface the college walls.
Show your I-card as and when asked. Don’t damage college property.
Maintain silence inside the campus. Don’t pluck flowers or damage plants.
Walk quietly while going to classrooms. Don’t trespass the college gate.



“Ragging includes any type of physical or mental torture inflicted by any individual or group, either by words or conduct which creates an apprehension in the mind of the person that he/she cannot pursue his/her studies free from any mental disturbance or torture created thereby. Any person who aids or abet such an action shall also be guilty of such ragging.”

Ragging in and around the college/hostel campus or on roads/approaches leading thereto is strictly prohibited. If any student is found indulging in ragging, directly, or indirectly, the college authorities shall be obliged under Rule 22, 17 (a), (b), (c) of HP. University to expel the guilty student (s) from the college/hostel.

Leave Rules

  • Students should get their leave applications recommended by the teachers.
  • Leave up to 5 days will be sanctioned by the Tutors.
  • Leave for more than 5 days will be sanctioned by the Principal
  • The period of leave will not be considered for calculating the lectures attended by him/her for determining his/her eligibility to appear in the University Examination. However, in case leave is properly sanctioned, neither his/her name will be struck off the rolls, nor any absence fine will be imposed.

Name struck off and Re-admission

  • The students absent for 7 days continuously from any class without proper sanctioning of leave by the concerned authority/ Principal, his/her name automatically will be struck off from the rolls.
  • Readmission will be entertained on payment of readmission fee of Rs. 100/- within 7 days after duly permitted by the Principal. After expiry of 7 days the student will have to bear a readmission fee of Rs. 200/-. In addition to it, the Principal may impose extra fine depending upon the gravity of his/her absence.
  • A student struck off for the second time in a session from any class will be ineligible for re-admission to the class. But in exceptional cases, the Principal may grant special permission using his discretionary powers, if he deems so.